Marcos Ronquillo’s
Action Plan for Dallas:

A brighter future for Dallas starts
with better basics & fewer potholes.

It can be frustrating driving through pothole-filled
streets while City Hall spends millions on expensive, big-ticket projects like the Trinity River toll road. Marcos Ronquillo knows that to provide a brighter future for our next generation, we must show a sense of urgency for improving the basic services that strengthen our neighborhoods and attract new businesses and high-paying jobs. This starts with fixing potholes, expanding our park system, improving our schools and giving police and firefighters the support they deserve.

Put an end to the risky

and expensive Trinity River
Toll Road boondoggle.

Strengthen our neighborhoods

with better schools, roads, parks, police and fire.

Provide schools of excellence in
every Dallas neighborhood.


Help grow our economy and
attract high-paying jobs to all
parts of our city.

Conduct a top to bottom review
of all City Hall departments to
find and cut wasteful spending.

Provide our police and fire with
the support and tools they need to protect our families.

Make City Hall more transparent
and responsive to our citizens.

Launch an aggressive revitalization effort for South Dallas