February 22, 2015

Ronquillo Campaign Disappointed As Rawlings Pulls Out Of Tuesday’s Debate

Suggests Dallas Mayor Is Afraid To Defend His Support Of Unpopular Trinity Toll Road

DALLAS, TX – FEBRUARY 22, 2015 – After Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings abruptly – and with little explanation – pulled out of the first debate of the Mayoral campaign scheduled for tomorrow night, the Marcos Ronquillo campaign suggested the Mayor is afraid to defend his support of the unpopular Trinity River toll road project. The debate was to be co-hosted by the Kessler Park Neighborhood Association and the Old Oak Cliff Conservation League.

Marcos Ronquillo issued the following statement:

“I was looking forward to a spirited first debate with Mike Rawlings, which would have included our differing opinions on the $1.8 billion Trinity River toll road project. Unfortunately, the Mayor recently informed the media that he would not debate the toll road issue then abruptly cancelled his appearance for the Tuesday night debate.

We have a great many needs in Dallas including reducing our poverty rate, helping our schools, revitalizing South Dallas, and improving basic city services. But as long as the Mayor is spending valuable time, resources and tax dollars on planning for a $1.8 billion toll road that was never approved by voters, it will be difficult to focus on our more pressing issues.

Let’s be very clear. The race for Mayor is a referendum on the Trinity River toll road boondoggle. We have an obligation to Dallas voters to publicly debate our differences on this controversial project.”


February 3, 2015


City Makes Questionable Claim That Loophole Gives Mayor Right To Accept Unlimited Contributions


DALLAS, TX – February 3, 2015 – Today, Dallas Mayoral candidate Marcos Ronquillo called on Mayor Mike Rawlings to abide by Dallas’ campaign finance and ethics laws and return almost $100,000 in campaign contributions that were accepted in violation of Chapter 15A-2 (Campaign Contribution Limit) of the city’s election law.

Dallas’ campaign finance law allows a candidate for Mayor to receive no more than $5,000 from an individual for each election cycle. But during the current election cycle – according to a conservative interpretation of his campaign finance reports – Mayor Rawlings has accepted just over $96,000 in excessive donations from numerous contributors who have already given the maximum amount of $5,000.

The attached spreadsheet details the dates and amounts of the excessive contributions. Also attached are each of Mayor Rawlings’ campaign finance reports for the current election cycle.

Dallas’ campaign finance law can be found at this link – due to a glitch on the city’s website, you must copy and paste:

“Dallas’ campaign finance laws were put in place to protect taxpayers against undue influence by special interests over our elected officials,” said the Ronquillo campaign. “We urge Mayor Rawlings to do the right thing and return the almost $100,000 in campaign contributions that were accepted in violation of our longstanding ethics laws.”

While the city’s laws on campaign contribution limits are clear, Brylon Franklin, Dallas’ elections manager, has suggested to the Ronquillo campaign that a loophole may exist that would allow Mayor Rawlings to accept unlimited campaign contributions since he is now an “officeholder” and not a “candidate.”

“We cannot imagine that Mayor Rawlings would violate the intent and spirit of ethics laws and hide behind a controversial, and most likely illegal loophole to accept unlimited campaign contributions,” said the Ronquillo campaign. “All candidates should strictly abide by these laws to maintain the public’s trust in our election process.”



December 23, 2014

Marcos Ronquillo says City Hall pulled a bait and switch on Trinity Project.
Ronquillo: “Dallas voters didn’t approve a $1.5 billion toll road boondoggle.”

When it comes to the Trinity Parkway project, City Hall has pulled a bait and switch on the citizens of Dallas. That is the contention of Dallas Mayoral candidate Marcos Ronquillo, who says the city’s 1998 promise to provide Dallas families with an expansive downtown park and a series of new lakes along the Trinity River has been replaced with a $1.5 billion toll road project.

“The proposed Trinity River toll road project has been controversial from day one,” said
Marcos Ronquillo. “With the promise of new park space and fancy sailboats along a series of new Trinity River lakes, voters narrowly approved the project. But this plan has evolved into nothing more than a $1.5 billion boondoggle – a poorly conceived idea that gets drastically more expensive every time it is discussed.”
Mr. Ronquillo voiced concern that despite the public’s growing opposition to the toll road
project, some city leaders seem more committed than ever to forcing this expensive project on the taxpayers of Dallas.

“Last week, we had city leaders doubling down on their support for the $1.5 billion toll road project. But, they are gambling with our tax dollars on a high risk venture that threatens the future of our great city,” said Mr. Ronquillo.

“For the past 16 years, City Hall has been wasting its time and energy planning for this toll road while ignoring our families and the basic city services that improve our quality of life,” added Mr. Ronquillo. “It’s time to put our resources to better use by focusing on strengthening neighborhoods with better roads, cleaner parks and stronger public safety.”

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December 11, 2014
Marcos G. Ronquillo Announces Campaign for Dallas Mayor

Today Dallas businessman and attorney Marcos G. Ronquillo announced his candidacy for Mayor of Dallas in the May 2015 City elections. Mr. Ronquillo made his announcement standing near a pothole of an east Dallas road asking the question, “Do our potholes need to get as deep as the Trinity River before City Hall will finally pay attention?”
“We’re all tired of driving through pothole-filled streets while City Hall spends millions on expensive, big-ticket projects like the Trinity River Toll Road,” said Mr. Ronquillo. “Dallas is 
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